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[19 Aug 2005|08:48am]
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This is now the new date and venue for our CD release show. I hope to see people there. Why? Because, this show is gunna rip hardcore.

Anyways, go to the show and shit.


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SHOW CANCELLATION! [15 Aug 2005|08:15pm]
Our CD release show for the 27th has been cancelled... so if you were plannin on goin, don't.

To anyone who cares, sorry... and hopefully we'll be reschedualing the CD release show.

We are playing on the 20th at the All Asia Cafe though [i think], but it will not be the record release unless noted otherwise. When I know for sure, I'll update.
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Lame Excuse CD Release Show!!! [13 Aug 2005|10:24pm]

This is our cd release show. This cd has been in the makin since February of this year... so come show your support. The CD's are gunna be goin for 5 or 6 bux. And all the bands playing kick so much ass.

The only bad thing about the show, is that theres no dancin allowed. The management at the All Asia Cafe doesn't allow dancing because shit keeps gettin broken. So if you're commin, please repsect the management and don't get the show shut down.

Hope to see some of you there.


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[12 Aug 2005|10:50pm]
Wow I never fuckin update anymore...

Okay so uhh... where to start.

Well we did 2 other shows.

The first one was last Friday in Worcester at Jeff from CFL's place. We played with like 8 other bands. Let's see if I can remember 'em all... Trainwreck [who were fucking sick], The Rowdy Ones [fuckin awesom], POW [didn't see 'em, sadly... packin the truck], CFL, Rat Byte, ANS [none of who we saw because we hadda bail early, which sucks]. But it was pretty cool playin Worcester. Granted the show was more of a party than a show, and everyone was shitfaced by the time we went on... but it was fun.

The next night we played the cancer benefit at the All Asia Cafe. Which went fucking awesom. We raised 300 fuckin dollars for the American Cancer Society... which is nuts. Mob Rule opened up, and they kicked ass. We played next and the place went nuts. The only shitty part is that we couldn't dance, but whatever. Bill, Jay, Pat and Alex from 26 Beers, and mad other kids were there and made it a fuckin sweet show. The Necrowafers came on after us, and they were pretty good... I wasn't a big fan, but they're good. And then Suzuki Smith came on... damn dude, their recordings dont do them any justice. They're soo damn good live. And so fun. And they're all great guys.

And I just heard from Cory the All Asia Cafe ASKED US back to play another show. So we're prolly gunna do our record release show there. Which will prolly be on the 27th. And they offered us a second date on the 20th which is nuts. So I'll definatly post those when I get the info on em.

Uhh tomorrow we go to Daniela's to finish up with Mike... fucking finally. And hopefully shit gets done and we don't get dicked around again.

The past 2 weeks I've seen Daniela like almost every day, it's been great. It'll be 5 months, on the 26th which is awsome. And she's commin to the Cape with us I think at the end of the month, which is also swsome.

Anyways I think I'm outta shit to write.

Oh, I got a Myspace too... uhh I dunno the URL or anythin, but go to the Lame Excuse Myspace, and click friends and look me up and add me. And add my fucking band if you haven't already.

Anyways, I'm out.
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[01 Aug 2005|11:23am]
Yah so I'm back from vacation n shit.

I know you missed me.... it's okay.
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[17 Jul 2005|11:06pm]
Okay so the gig on Thursday went alright. Nothing compared to the last one, but our friends came out and showed their support... and what more can you ask for right? Bergie even came down from Newton just to see us... which is great. He was sportin some LE pins on the nips of his shirt... cool shit. The rest of the crowd other than our friends, n such... really kinda sucked. Nobody was even standin up infront of the stage except the people there for us. It was mostly just a bunch of fucks from the school... but whatever. Joey kinda threw a fit because nobody was dancing... he didn't even wanna finish the set... which I know pissed everyone in th eband off. My dad even confronted him after the show and was like "Cut the shit... just cuz one show doesnt go great doesnt mean you should act like that" etc.etc. But he cooled down as the night went on. The rest of the bands weren't that great. All the bands were full of talent... but none of the music was our style, but hey, you cant like everything.

Last night was my grandma's surprise 70th b-day party. It was cool shit, and pretty fun. Daniela was over for the entire day... and it was great. After everyone left, me and her went swimmin for a while... then her parents came which was gay. So whatever. She might be comin to the Cape with us for a few days, which will be awsome.

I think I had more to say, but I got lazy and forgot it... so uhh. Yah?

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[13 Jul 2005|11:45am]
Okay... so we kicked that show in the nuts. From the first bars of Sick of Life to the endin ones of Lash Out, people were so into it. We got some big fuckin pits going, and we had people singing along to songs... they didn't even know. It was great.

Shit started out so bad too. Cory almost blows the PA.... twice. Then I broke a mic stand. I couldnt get my drums set up right. And Cory almost didnt have an amp to play outta. It was so bad. And everyone was just starin at us... and I just got the biggest knot in my stomach. But as soon as we started playin Sick Of Life... everyone went nuts and started fuckin moshin n shit.... I even think we had a couple kids pogo. Crazy...

The kids at the show were fucking great. And all the other bands kicked ass. Marc from Rejected Radio's new band played. ANd they were fuckin sick. It sucks they couldnt really get a pit going... but they kicked ass, and they wanna do some more shit with us again.

The Strip came on after us... and they were kinda like a new school hardcore/punk band, with alotta the pit ninja shit... but they were good, I liked em alot. And the guys we're really great kids. Up next was 26 Beers, and these guys rocked the fuckin place. We were talkin to Frankie before the show, and then the other guys at the mall a few weeks back... all really great guys. They covered fuckin People Suck by Toxic... holy shit. IT was nuts. They do a song called Mark Summers Is My Biological Father... and us being the GAS patrons that we are... loved the song. But after their set we all got talkin, and they wanna do some more shit with us in the future.

After 26 Beers ended, me and the guys started to load the van, to get ready to go. The Knox came on while we were packin our shit and you could hear em from outside. THey sounded solid as always. But none of us really wanted to see them, because Sean [their singer] started some shit with our buddy Bill. Elie was cool about it and apparantly tried to keep shit from gettin outta hand, which is good... and me and the guys thank him for that. Anyways, when I headed in to make one last round.. I was in there for Radical Action.... yah, and I love that song.

But after our set... we got nothin but non-stop compliments, and everyone mauled Sean n Kathal for pins. There's no better feeling than the feeling you get when people get into your music, start pitting... man its great. Better than anything.

Oh and apparantly Mike from Welfare Records was at the show, and he came up to Sean after the show was over. He told Sean that he got the cd I sent back a couple months ago, and loved it. And he said we played sick live. He said that if he wasnt tryin to scrape together money to open the new record store/venue/studio, he'd split the cost to put out our cd with Party Time. But since he can't... he said as soon as the new venue is opened up, that he wants to put us on some shows up there. Should be a hell of a good time.

So yah, me and the guys thank anyone and everyone who came out to support us and the other bands. And we hope to see yo uagain tomorrow night at Moseleys.

And for those of you who didnt know:

Thursday July 14th [tomorrow]
@ Moseleys On The Charles
Dedham, MA 02026
7PM - $5
Lame Excuse w/ Robots In Love, Saction, and Someday Japan

We know that Dedham is a bit of a haul for alotta you guys... but if you can make it, definatly do. It's gunna be a great show... well our set anyways. For $5 you can come and listen to Lame Excuse and smash the emo, while your at it. Can it get much better?? Oh yes... yes it can... there will also be hippies at the show. Yep... not only can you smash the emo, but the hippies as well.

Well we hope to see you there.

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SHOW TONIGHT!!! [08 Jul 2005|11:26am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


...I mean it...

....or I'll eat your ankles...
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[02 Jul 2005|01:04pm]
Wow long time no update eh?

There's probably alot more to update on than I can remember... actually I can't remember hardly anything.

Pretty much just chillin with the guys n shit. Yesterday went to Corys around like 12 and watched the new Zero and Element skate vid's both were pretty sick. Then had band practice around like 2/2:30. And we played til like 6... that took its toll on all of us. But it was good, we made up a setlist for the shows commin up, we'll change it around a little bit each show I guess... so it's not the same old LE set every show.

At the end of practice yesterday Curren started havin trouble with his amp, it started cutting out and dropping the volume n shit. So everyone took it up Daddy's and me and Sean stayed behind and skated for a little bit. Turns out there was nothing wrong with the amp, or Currens guitar... so let's hope it holds up for the shows commin up.

After practice went to Wendys, and hung outside of the CVS next-door so Cory n Sean could skate [the rest of us didnt have our boards]. Cory was hittin some sick little lines. The kid's gettin sick. Well after that we just drove back to Dedham and hung out at the parkin lot in the square for a while, and then I headed home.

Few nights ago me, Sean and Kathal headed up to the mall cuz Sean needed some gloves... and we run into some of the guys from 26 Beers, handin out flyers for the show. So we shot the shit for a while, and then headed out. Went to Newbury Comics, and to much to our surprise all the flyers we dropped off for the upcommin shows we're gone, so I'm gunna take that as a good sign.

Uhh aside from that I don't think there's much to update on.
Oh, Joey scored us another show, which is actually gunna be in Dedham. It's at Mosleys with a couple emo/indie type bands... we're playin first, and will probably get kicked out but hey... it'll be worth it.

So yah the 3 definate shows we got right now are as follows:

- July 8th - Weymouth Elks Lodge -
- 6PM - $6/$4 w/ canned good -
- W/ The Knox, 26 Beers, The Strip, and more TBA -

- July 14th - Mosleys in Dedham, MA-
- 7PM - $5 -
- W/ Robots In Love, Someday Japan, and Saction [we're opening so get there early!] -

- August 6th - All Asia Cafe [Cambridge, MA] -
- 4PM-7PM - $5 -
- W/ Suzuki Smith, The Necrowafers, and Mob Rule [again, get there early cuz I think we're opening] -

Lame Excuse pins will be availible at all these shows for I think a $1 a pop. Sadly we wont have any music. The cd probably wont be done til early August because the price got jacked up another couple hundred bux. But keep an eye out for the upcommin E.P. n all that shit. Hopefully some LE patches in the near future too.

Alright peace.
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[20 Jun 2005|08:39pm]
Fuckin outta school! Finally!

Man today was great. Commin outta school I saw Freed-monkey, and we took a ride to Comm. Ave. to go to a skateshop there. Well we get there around 10:30am and find out they dont open til like 12. So we just drove around for a while. Got some food at Papa Ginos in Norwood. Then drove around some more. Then off to Newbury Comics. Browsed there for a few, and I dropped off some flyers for our upcommin shows. Then cruised around some more and headed up to the square to chill with Sean, Humphreys, Blaisdell and Heather [I think I'm not sure. One of the twins, I'm no good with names if theres two people that look alike]. Anyways we chilled there for a few and then headed out. So Freedman drove me to Daniela's house and we picked her up. Then drove all the way to Needham to get drinks from 7-11 [when theres one right down the street from Danielas house]. So went there and then pretty much headed home. He dropped us off and we chilled at my house for a while. Watched a couple movies and she was off.

I got a hair cut. Well more-so a trim. I got like 2 inches taken off. But its noticable and shit. But whatever I still got the metal hair. Rock \m/

Alright I think that's it. Got my little bro's Middle School graduation tomorrow. So I'll go to that come home and go back to sleep. And if Mike keeps his end of the deal up, he's gunna call me tomorrow. So maybe a little Halo 2 action or some shit.

Okay, I'm outta here. Peace.
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[15 Jun 2005|02:46pm]

Been meaning to post these. There a couple flyers for 2 of the shows we're doin over the summer. As soon as we know the deal with the other shows, and all the info n shit, I'll post em up here and Cory will put em on the myspace. http://myspace.com/lameexcuse

Upcomming LE shows!!!Collapse )

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[15 Jun 2005|12:36pm]
Went to the Varukers show last night with Cory and Curren. It was the best show I've been to in a long ass time.

Got there around like 6:30 and hung outside for a while waiting for Matt. He never came so we went inside and then The Struggle opened up. They tore the shit outta the place. Played a great fuckin set, a little short... but great none-the-less. And I knew Davey was a good guitarist, but I didn't know he ws as good as he is. That kid can fuckin shred dude... I'm tellin you. Well apparantly, they're breaking up, and it's gunna be shitty to seem em go. So I wish em all the best of luck.

Then the Knox came on. The played a good set. I wasn't a huge Knox fan up until the show really. But they play fuckin killer live, and a great live act. At one point their bassist started beating the singer with his bass. We did the Wall of Death n shit. And they played When Apathy Reigns, which is my favorite song.

After a while of talkin to Joe Packard from Crash N Burn, Toxic came on, and the place erupted. I was up front the entire time just singin along. At one point it was just me and Bill singin 'Only The Wrong Survive'. They played Allston Violence which is my favorite song by them.

Then The fuckin Varukers came out. And holy shit these guys are old, but can they fuckin play. Such a great fucking set... Murder, Dont Wanna Be A Victim, All Systems Fail... c'mon it don't get better. We missed a few songs, because I thought our ride was here, but they got stuck in traffic... so we watched the rest of the Varukers. I was pissed they didnt play No Hope Of A Future, but it's all good.

Matt shows up before Toxic started playing, and we chilled for a bit. Him and his friends got lost for like 3 hours or whatever. Sucks... haha.

Anyways the show was great, then we froze our nuts off outside waitin for our ride. Got home about 12:30 in the AM and passed out.

Well the rest of the week and weekend was pretty shitty. I saw Daniela on Sunday for a little while which was good. Me her, Cory and Tay hung out for a bit and then went to Daddys, then Cory and Tay left and me and D' hung around til she hadda go.

Saturday we went to Daniela's house to record with Mike again. And the shits commin out sounding wicked fuckin good too. We did 3 or 4 of ours and No Values by Black Flag. We're goin back this Saturday to do probably a Choking Victim song [either 500 Channels or War Story] and another one of ours, and then just start mixing all the shit. And the rest of last Saturday was pretty fucked up. I'm sure alot of you know why. But I'm not gunna get into that.

And then the Friday that just passed me Sean and Joey went back up to Rich's to re-mix some shit on the tracks we're putting out for Kill Yourself Or Die Trying. We added a couple sound-bites in em, hopefully you'll all enjoy em... I know I do.

Alright I think that's it. Aside from the fact that Matt is workin in NH for all of the summer. So me and him and the guys cant chill n go to shows n shit until like the end of August.... which sucks.

Anyways, I'm tired. Peace.
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[07 Jun 2005|08:05pm]
Well today was pretty fuckin fun, if I do say so myself.

Cory came over for a while. We plannin on playing Halo 2 for a while. But instead, we took advantage of the weather and skated. We then decided to build a skate box, because hell... why not, right? Well we got it done in about an hour. No power tools, no nothing, all hand-tools. And y'know it looked pretty damn good, for an hours worth of scrap-wood construction. Damn... can looks be decieving. After about 20 minutes of skating it, one of the supports just fuckin snap... followed by another, hahaha. So now we got this semi-box/semi-kicker thing goin on. And lemme tell you, this thing was like EPITOME of sketchy. I mean even before it broke, if you stood on it... it wobbled. It was great.

Yah, so an hours worth of work didnt go entirley to waste. We still skated it... more-so Cory, I was afraid this thing was gunna like cave-in or some shit. So we deemed it the "Death Trap".

Anyways, when we get the money... we're gunna buy some materials and my dad's gunna help us put together an actual, non-shitty, long-lasting box. With some metal siding, so its nice to slide/grind.

Well tomorrow, practice. Thursday, nothing. Friday, Allston to Rich's to fix up the cd with Cory and Sean. Saturday Daniela's house, to record with Mike. And then whatever else the weekend holds in store.

Then next Tuesday is the last day of school. Thank god. Then I got the rest of the week for finals, n shit.

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[04 Jun 2005|01:46pm]
SAT's fucking suck.
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[31 May 2005|03:10pm]
Okay well I was just talkin to Sean, and apparantly we got a shitload of shows comming up over the summer. Not just the 3 or 4 I originally thought we had.

So over the summer we'll be playing with the likes of Suzuki Smith, Mob Rule, The Knox, 26 Beers, Concrete Facelift, Rat Byte, Shanghai Valentine and [just heard about this one] mother-fucking BONES BRIGADE. How fucking nasty is that. Bones Brigade kick ass in so many ways, it would take years to count them.

But yah, as soon as I know the info for all these shows n such... I will post them here, and Cory will post them on myspace. [ http://myspace.com/lameexcuse ]

Also the art for the album is almost done. There was a little bit of controversy between us over the back and the cover of the cd, but hopefully all will be sorted out soon. It's still titled 'Kill Yourself Or Die Trying' Like I said 7 songs...possibley an 8th hidden track, which you'll all have to pick up to find out what it is. And if we do it... it's a good one, so ;)

I think that's about it. But I still can't get over the fact we're playin with Bones Brigade... damn.

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[26 May 2005|04:56pm]
Ok well some news on the new EP.

Next friday we're goin up to Rich's [Galaxy Park], to get the shit re-mixed and re-mastered, so it sounds better. Which will only cost like a hundred bills, which is good.

After that, we gotta get the artwork done, and then send it to Jeff from CFl. And then they ship it out and get it pressed.

So it should be out by like July the latest, if all goes well.

It's called "Kill Yourself or Die Trying"
and the tracks are:
1. Stabbed In The Back
2. Get A Life
3. Time Bomb
4. Indecision
5. Fine Point
6. The Enemy
7. Lash Out
...it will be good, eh?

So yah, thats it with the band really on the EP. It's gunna be weird goin to the studio without JD... it's somewhat depressing. But, gotta get over it I guess.

Well today is 2 months with Daniela. Es bueno. She's commin over tomorrow, then I got practice if Cory's feelin better.

And this weather blows donkey cock. Its gunna be cold, rainy and wet til fuckin next Thursday. Fuckin bull dude.

Alright peace.
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[24 May 2005|02:53pm]
Alright some news on the band in just a quick crash-course run down cuz it's been a long day and I'm beat.

-Lame Excuse is now on Party Time records (Concrete Facelift, Rat Byte)
-"Kill Yourself or Die Trying" EP, hopefully out soon on Party Time Records
-LE will be on the forthcomming Party Time compilation w/ Bones Brigade, Concrete Facelift and Rat Byte.
-LE this weekend on 88.9 WERS [I think, could be wrong]
-Summer shows booked, and being booked... so GO!
-Later on this year we'll be goin back to Galaxy Park to record more songs for our first full release 'Molotov Solution' which will probably also be released on Party Time.

... and I think that about covers it for the band.

Uhh this weekend was good. Joey snapped the trucks on my board, so I hadda borrow some cash and get new ones. We found a sick skate spot behind some big ass buisness complex in the Manor. On Sunday me, Curren, Cory and Tay drove around for a while lookin for a skate store to get trucks at, and we just had a great fuckin time. Yellin at random people, throwin shit at people, scarin the living piss outta 2 girls walkin outta the mall [one of em almost had a legit heart-attack].

Hung out with Daniela yesterday. Good times. Thursday will be like 2 months, which is ill. Hopefully she can come over and we can hang, or go out or something.

Monday no school. Gunna be ill.

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[15 May 2005|08:46pm]
This weekend hauled ass in unfathomable ways.

Friday was practice. Pretty good one too. Chilled with Cory for a few afterwards. Did a little skatin, not much. Then Sean hadda split and get his tat' colored. And that was pretty much it there.

Saturday Cory and Tay came over for a while. Me and Cory played THUG2 and then Halo2. And just chilled n shit. As we were playin Halo2, Daniela came over. Which was great. I haven't seen her in a week, and it sucked. But I spent a good amount of the night with her and I was happy.

Then today was great. Went out with Cory and Taylor. Went to Papa Gino's grabbed some foodage. Then we winded up at Guitar Center. And it was fuckin AWSOME. You may be saying to yourself... it's just Guitar Center, why so awsome? Well here ya go:

Me and Cory decided to jam on a drum-kit and an amp they had set up next to each other [they were calling our names]. So we played wicked quietly, and then an employee came over and we thought he was going to tell us to cut it out cuz there were customers in the store. On the contrary... he turns Cory's amp up and tells us to play louder and shit. He then leaves and comes back, takes Corys shitty Ibanez guitar and gives him a Gibson Explorer [James Hetfield circa: When Metallica kicked your ass 1234986 ways to Sunday]. And then turns Cory up some more. So of course we hadda do some Metallica jams. We played Master Of Puppets and then stopped for a minute to think of somethin and then went into Seek and Destroy. At this time theres about 50 people watchin us. And then after a missed note in Seek and Destroy we realize that one of the other employee's is jammin with us. So we got 2 guitarists and me on drums. Then some kid picks up bass and starts jammin. So we get through, Master Of Puppets, Seek and Destroy, Creeping Death and For Whom The Bell Tolls all by Metallica. We then go into Walk by Pantera and did that pretty much in it's entirety. And we now realize there is a swarm of people watching. Both customers and employee's. One guy from the PA department was jumpin off amps n shit, fun stuff. A guy takes a picture of us jammin n shit. Then we went into Angel of Death by Slayer, and that was fun. Then we see that the guy who gave Cory the Explorer is jammin with us now too. He then tells us to play one of our songs that him and the other guy can switch off leads on, so we played I'm Not Edge... of course. Because it's a very metal song. So we jammed to that and then we called it quits. Everyone applauded, and we shook the 2 dudes who were jammin with us's hands. Both really fuckin chill dudes. And that was jam-session '05 at Guitar Center.

After that we headed to the mall for some Soul Caliber 2 action in the arcade. Walked around for a bit, and me and Cory discussed how we're gunna go back next weekend with some new material and jam again, haha. We got pretzles and cokes and then headed home.

Back in Dedham, we went to Dedham Bike to get me some hardware and grip-tape for my board. Back to Corys to grip up my board and then rock some more Soul Caliber 2 while listenin to Nasuea. Then skated for a few, but it was rainin and wet so we called it quits. Then back inside to watch The Simpsons. Great fuckin day in whole.

Well I got morning detention tomorrow for being late on Friday. But whatever, I'll get over it. Me and Cory are gunna go to Best Buy tomorrow to get a Dazzle video-converter, so we can finally fuckin work on the movie we've said we were gunna do for the past 3 years.

Well thats it.
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[11 May 2005|08:36pm]
Wow.. shit's been a while. Well I guess alotta shit has been goin on. Mostly with the band n' shit.

Well first off, we got 2 definate shows comming up. July 8th @ the Weymouth Elks Lodge, and either August 20, or 27 [yet to be a definate date. but its one of those]. Both line-ups for both shows will kick your ass in ways you cannot fathom. I'm also in the process of trying to get either the Dedham IAC, VFW, or American Legion for a small home-town show of some sort. Hopefully for this month, to kinda kick off summer I guess. Then me and the guys wanna do another one at the end of summer, to kinda close it out. If all goes well we'll have a good amount of shows over the summer.

We're also gunna be on Radio Beat. Which is Saturdays at like 11PM on 88.9 WERS(Boston). They play a bunch of local punk/hardcore and shit. For The Worse is gunna be on there I think this weekend. Definatly gotta tune-in to that. But the song that will be played is gunna be The Enemy. So I'll update when I know when that's gunna happen. So when it does, listen to it and then call-in and request more of our shit. Cuz' we know you'll like it.

Sean has talked to Jeff from Concrete Facelift. He said he really digs our shit. Which is wicked cool. And I think we're gunna have a show or 2 with them over the summer. Which will be bitchin. Sean's also talked to dudes from Amonia and Crosscheck records. They both wanna check us out live sometime. So we hope that'll happen over the summer. There's some more shit with lables and other bands I cant remember right now. But I'll update when I do.

Keep a look-out for flyers, online posting, and online flyers about the shows commin up. Cuz they're gunna eat you out like nothin before.

Anyways aside from band shit not much has been goin on. I haven't seen the girlfriend in like almost a week. Which is in-fact weak. It's pissin me off. I miss her.

Oh, I'm readin Louis Black's book "Nothing's Sacred". Fucking great. Pick it up and check it out. If you dont mind venturing into books every now and then.

And I think that about covers shit for now. I'll keep everyone posted on shows.

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[27 Apr 2005|02:51pm]
Ok just an update on that show I posted before. Another band has been confirmed, The Knox. I'm sure most of you know who the Knox are. Damn good band. To check em out go to: http://myspace.com/theknox or http://fucktheknox.tk

Uhh, Sean is setting up a show at the Cambridge Elks Lodge. Probably around the same time as the other show. If all goes well, and all the bands confirm... we got a fucking SICK line-up. I'm not saying anythin right now. I wanna know more on who confirms n shit, then I'll post show info. But trust me... it will kick your ass in ways you cant even begin to fathom.

Well yesterday was me and Daniela's one month. Her parents suck and wouldnt let her come over but whatever, she's commin over today.

Other than that school still sucks, and shit.

I think that's really about it.

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